About me

My name is Kelly Brown and I’m a writer. I’m not a published author yet, just… a writer. I used to write multi-million pound tenders for the Forensic Science Service, now I write fiction… for fun.

I never sat down and thought “I’m going to write a novel”. I never set out to challenge myself, I just wrote because I felt like it. But now I have a completed novel and I’m actually very proud of it. Only a select few people know the manuscript exists, none of which are family. I’m a private person and as they say, sometimes it’s easier to bare your soul to a stranger. It might be a whole load of crap but I don’t care because the simple fact is, it’s my crap; who knows, maybe there are others out there who will enjoy it.

I realise I’ve ignored the advice of the wordpress text box prompt by not keeping this text short and sweet, I’ll sign off. This blog, I hope, will document my journey from writer to published author.


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