Just found a post i should have published back in September!! Here it is…

Iv been up the field all week clearing dead grass and pruning trees. Whilst doing this i decided, as i didnt have sufficient funds in my bank account to buy any new audiobooks and didnt have time to go to the library, to dig out some old Neil Gaiman audiobooks i had on cd.

I was looking for American Gods, but the only one i found was Anansi Boys. Its been a while since i last listened to it, and i have to say i don’t remember ever being aware it was narrated by Lenny Henry. In fact, i never knew Lenny narrated anything when i probably ought to have noticed his unmistakable voice the first time around.

Anyway. I was pleased as punch to hear Lenny announce his name at the beginning of the recording, which i copied to my pc and converted to m4b format. Iv heard Lenny’s accents before usually on tv and given that most of the cast are either londoners or caribbean, knew it would be a great rendition of one of my favourite Gaiman masterpieces.

And so, whilst grappling dogwood branches, blackthorn and dead hawthorne branches, i lost myself in the world of Anansi. Given the weather which is boiling hot right now and still as a dead dog, it wasn’t difficult to forget the thorns and spikes which tore my poor little legs to shreds and pretend i was on the island of St Andrews with Spider and Fat Charlie.

The point of my post here was initially to pass comment on the fact i’ve spent two days laughing raucously at Fat Charlie’s amazing one liners but if you are familiar with Gaiman’s trademark belly-laugh humour you won’t need me to tell you how funny this book is.