So… The paddock i mentioned in my last post… I made a call to the church and asked if i could rent it and was told if i want it, its mine!! First i cried a bit, then spent a while scratching my head and pondering where to start clearing it up! So far iv pulled up a quarter of an acres worth of nettles and pruned approx 1000 trees (ok thats an exaggeration). Still have half a million trees to prune, two acres to mow, and 950m of fencing to secure but dad’s helped after work and im so happy i get to spend time in a place that means so much to me 🙂

This is the old field shelter… still standing!


This is all the space we’ve cleared of nettles and thistles. a good 15ft out from the fenceline. Note, we’ve left a lot of it in there to prevent damaging the natural habitat of the little critters!


You wouldn’t believe the stuff I’ve found in the grass. So far we’ve got a rusty wheelbarrow, nine milk crates, two rolls of electric fencing tape, twelve electric fencing posts, six wooden fencing stakes, a pair of showjumps, a deckchair, an electric fence energiser, a box of paintbrushes, a chest freezer, a shed I never even knew existed, a mummified fox carcass, a roll of sheep mesh, a twelve foot long boat trailer (?!), two bath tubs, a toilet cistern and 90ft of insulated copper cabling. Yes. Lots of power cables, apparently stolen from the university next door and thrown over the fence so they could strip the copper out to take to the scrap yard.

I called the uni and asked them to come get what was left (which they promptly did) and was told that the cable in my field before it was stripped of copper had been worth upwards of £70k. That’s unbelievable! But, alas, if they can take down the overhead power cables from the lane to dismantle for scrap, they can sure as hell take the not-yet-connected ones off a building site!

Anyway… horses will be moving on at the end of September and I really can’t wait to have them closer to home. I’ll miss the old place, but it’ll be nice to have my ponies living together again.