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As per yesterday’s post, I wanted to add in some embers and the title etc to my cover, and this is how it turned out! To say I’m pleased is an understatement!! **happy dance!!**

What I really want to know is, do you think it’s the kind of book you’d pick up based on the cover? Is there anything you think I should change?

The back cover blurb is as follows:

Elsa’s best kept secret is that she wasn’t born of this world.

Raised in rural Shropshire, she lives as normal a life as can be expected of an heir to the throne of a magical land. Even Elsa finds it hard to believe the scale of responsibility, let alone the fact that one day she’ll have to leave everything she’s ever known in this world behind.

That is, until her tenth birthday when her doubts are quashed by the new blue eyed, black haired oddball of a tutor who shows up to teach her a thing or two about how to rule a kingdom.

Years later she and her best friend James are involved in an accident which catapults them back to her own war stricken world. They must journey thousands of miles through perilous snow peaks, faerie forests and the treacherous deadwood marshes in a race to beat her darkest enemy back to Luensa. The only beings they can trust to see them home safely are the centaurs, an un-dead knight and a dangerous black unicorn named Vodou.